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Travel photography is a broad genre, which can cater to individual interests and be an extremely engaging and rewarding experience.

The workshop will introduce participants to the basics of photography including composition, colour, subject & backgrounds; engage in an photography activity at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum and discuss tips & hacks to create memorable photographs on their travels! Click on the tabs below for more details.

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Workshop Info

On Saturday, 06th Jan 2018 from 3pm to 6pm
Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla, Mumbai
Age Group:
Camera Requirement:
None! Bring an SLR / point & shoot / your cellphone or just your eyes!
Rs 300 + taxes, inclusive of Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum entry ticket


Travel photography is a broad genre encompassing the many different aspects that make each of our travels unique and personal. Some might be interested in photographing people, while others might find monuments to be more alluring. For some, it might be the grandeur of nature’s landscapes that beckon, while for others the effort might be worth it only when photographing an endangered animal.

Whatever be your passions and interest, travel photography can be an extremely engaging and rewarding experience; albeit one that comes with its own set of challenges and ‘rules’ that must be followed, only to be broken.

The workshop is broadly divided into three components: Before You Go, On The Road, After You Are Back. Click on the tabs to view more details about the workshop.

The Fundamentals of Digital Photography Workshop is broadly divided into the following 8 components, that strike a balance between the technical and creative aspects of photography:

Module 1 :: The Basics
An introduction to photography
History and types of photography
Types of cameras and lenses
Camera sensors and magnifications
Choosing the right equipment
Demo 1: What’s in your camera bag?

Module 2 :: The Exposure Triangle
Understanding Shutter Speed
Setting the correct Aperture
Choosing the ISO
Working with the internal Light Meter
Demo 2: Can you balance the exposure?

Module 3 :: Shooting Modes
Why go beyond Auto-mode
Mastering Shutter Priority
Mastering Aperture Priority
Getting started with Manual Mode

Module 4 :: Practical Session
Practise exercises for Exposure Triangle & Shooting Modes

Module 5 :: Creative Effects
Exploring motion-blurs
Playing with depth of field
Demo 3: Achieving these creative effects

Module 6 :: Aesthetics 101
Compositions and framing
What makes a pleasing photograph?
The ‘golden rules’ of photography & when to break them

Module 7 :: How-To-Capture-This
Quick tips and best practices for different genres of photography, such as portraits, travel, landscapes, architecture, events etc

Module 8 :: In Conclusion
Sneak-peek to Intermediate Level Concepts
Caring for your equipment
Resources, Community and The Way Forward

Participants’ profile:
The workshop is open to adults of all ages; and it requires no prior experience of photography, since we begin right from the scratch ie from the Power On button of your camera. The only requirements for the workshop are loads of enthusiasm and bringing along a camera – an SLR is preferred, but not compulsory. Please check the FAQs for more on this.

Kunal Bhatia and Shuvajit Payne are the travel guys behind Rickety Roads. Their photography and writings have been widely published in magazines & newspapers, and they believe that photography is a great medium to share stories and enrich one’s experiences.

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia is a Mumbai photographer, architect and writer. He works across the three disciplines and finds inspiration in cities around the world, in the people that he meets and in encounters that are often fleeting. Kunal believes that photography is a medium to not only capture the lives, moments & emotions that surround us but also the means to interpret, dwell & reflect upon these experiences.

Some of Kunal’s selected works are also available as fine-art prints; and in mid-2016 a book with Kunal’s photography of Mumbai’s housing-typologies was launched. Besides photography workshops, Kunal is also engaged in teaching photography via how-to tutorials and photo-walks.

Shuvajit Payne
Shuvajit Payne is passionate about people and nature photography. After a successful career in management consultancy, he has been working in the development sector in remote regions of India. He firmly believes that photos must tell a story and convey an emotion rather than merely documenting a scene.

Kunal and Shuvajit’s photography works are regularly published in numerous travel, lifestyle and design magazines. These include in-flight magazines (Jet Wings of Jet Airways, Silver Kris of Singapore Airlines); corporate magazines (Imperia for HDFC Bank, Select for Kotak Bank), Lets Travel, MTV Noise Factory etc along with features in Mint Lounge, Daily News and Analysis, Mumbai Mirror Online, Lonely Planet India, The Hindu and others.

Some images from our earlier workshops.

Some publications that have featured our photography and writing works. Click on the links to view the pages.

In Pursuit of Heaven – on France’s Mont Saint Michel for Jet Airways’ inflight magazine Jet Wings, 2017 Sep. Words + photographs.

Bhau Daji Lad Museum – as a photo essay for Mumbai’s oldest museum in Home Review magazine, 2017 April. Words + photographs.

The Mirror of the Sky – on Falaknuma Palace, in HDFC Bank’s Imperia magazine, in 2015 Jan-Mar. Words + photographs.



Features in the press, covering our photography, writings, travels and more.


The Hindu in August 2016

A feature on the first edition of our Fundamentals of Digital Photography Workshop in the Mumbai edition of India’s leading daily newspaper, The Hindu.

Featured in The Hindu, 2016 Aug


The Patriot in April 2017

This New Delhi based newspaper ran a full-page coverage on Kunal’s journery from architecture to photography and writing.


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