Tales of Wanderlust | 08 Jul 2018

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Do you love travelling to where your heart desires? And then sharing your ‘Tales of Wanderlust’? With words that bring to life your experiences and images that capture all those beautiful moments?

Presenting a collaborative workshop for travel enthusiasts that covers Travel Blogging, Travel Photography and Wordpress in one full action-packed day. Click on the tabs for more details.

When: 10am to 6pm on Sunday, 08th July 2018
Where: Crescent Business Park, Andheri East, Mumbai
Mentors: Divyakshi Gupta for Travel Blogging;
Kunal Bhatia for Travel Photography;
Vachan Kudmule for Web & WordPress
Components: Scroll down for detailed info.
Tickets: ₹ 4,000 + GST; inclusive of refreshments plus a working lunch.
Giveaway: ALL workshop participants get 1 year of FREE web-hosting with pre-installed WordPress for their website or blog! *This give away is thanks to Vachan Kudmule, our mentor for Web & WordPress, and is worth more than the ticket price of the workshop!

* We have some discounted tickets up for grabs. Available only while they last:
> Group tickets @ Rs 3800 + GST per ticket. For 2 or more tickets together. Apply the code “WELOVETRAVEL” >> AVAILABLE NOW
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With each travel – whether it is to the other end of the globe, around our country or even in an unknown part of your own city – come a new set of experiences waiting to be encountered and then stories that deserve to be told.

Countless travellers begin this journey, but soon realize that enthusiasm alone is not enough to sustain a travel blog. Writing, photography and understanding technology (atleast a bit of it) are the three crucial components that need to go hand in hand to continue sharing travel stories in the long run. This workshop brings together these three different parts addressed by an expert in each respective field.

The Tales of Wanderlust workshop is suitable for adults of all ages and skill levels i.e. you need not have any prior experience in writing, photography or WordPress. It might be that you are comfortable with one part over the other two; already have a blog but want to brush up your skills; have been thinking of starting a travel blog but don’t know where to begin – so long as you have the enthusiasm, this workshop will have something for you!


Travel Blogging:

Conducted by Divyakshi Gupta of The Quirky Wanderer, this component will cover key aspects of travel blogging with a focus on writing and strategizing your blog. The process begins with first identifying your niche as a travel blogger, based on your own strengths, interests and eventual goals when it comes to blogging. It’s quite a crowded field out there and these steps are quite crucial to stand apart from the rest.

Before jumping into monetization, one must grasp the art of travel writing and creating content that not only helps revisit one’s journeys but also shares experiences and becomes an archive of stories that future travellers can draw advice and inspiration from.

While travel blogging and getting paid to travel the world is often seen as a dream job, it’s not as hunky-dory as it may appear! Divyakshi will also break some common myths associated with travel blogging. She will then venture into how you can earn through your writing with real life case studies on how to work with brands. This can take one’s blog to a level where it can facilitate earnings and acquire sponsorships through quality marketing and collaborations.

Travel Photography:

Whether you enjoy creating portraits or capturing the majestic architecture of a monument; waking up at dawn to photograph the grandeur of nature’s landscapes or holding your shutter still till you come across an endangered animal, travel photography has something for everyone and is as varied as all our travels are.

Conducted by Kunal Bhatia of Rickety Roads, this component is divided into three parts:

> Before you go: From planning when and where to travel, to creating an itinerary that is conducive to photography, a lot can be done in the planning stage.

> On the road: Beginning with certain fundamentals of composition, framing, colour, backgrounds etc, Kunal will then discuss best approaches towards different types of travel photography. There are also some ‘golden rules’ that you can follow, so long as you know when to break them! This part will also touch upon a select few advanced concepts – playing with depth of field, multiple exposures, modifying available light etc.

> After you are back: Don’t let your clicks just languish on a memory card. Play with them, edit them and explore ways in which you can earn a few bucks from them.

All through this component, Kunal will reveal his best travel photography hacks: What do you do when things aren’t in your control? Too many people? Barely any light? Overcoming shyness and more!

Web & WordPress:

After you have all your material ready, how and where to put it on the web can be a stumbling block for many. WordPress is widely accepted to be the most versatile and dynamic platform available and while there are many tutorials out there, getting comfortable with the technology can still be a daunting task.

Vachan Kudmule of Krazy Devil Creationz is an expert on all things related to the web and has created an online presence for dozens of individuals and companies. This component will address how you can go about doing the same for yourself to share your travel stories – be it with words, images or a mixture of both. From choosing the right theme to quickly customizing it; adding in the optimal plug-ins, taking care of basic SEO and even dabbling with eCommerce to sell products or services, there are countless possibilities.

And therefore, the structure of this component is flexible and will be tweaked depending on the comfort and skill levels of all our attendees. We also offer you a chance to govern the topics covered here beforehand! After signing up for the workshop, we will get in touch with each participant and you can share with us any particular Web or WordPress question that you may have. Vachan will incorporate as many of these questions as possible in this component.


Divyakshi Gupta

Divyakshi GuptaFor Divyakshi, travel is therapeutic as well as a great teacher. She believes, “Travel moulds us in ways we cannot fathom. Each and every place has something to give you and you unknowingly give back something to that place. It is a two way exchange.”

Divyakshi loves travelling to offbeat places, to new cultures, to new people and in the process to her own self. She is a self confessed door lover, who has a penchant for architecture and started her career in Advertising as a strategic planner, She is currently a freelance travel writer, blogger who narrates her stories www.quirkywanderer.com on and a social media consultant.

She has worked with numerous brands across the travel genre including tourism boards of Hong Kong, Sharjah, Indonesia, Nepal; airlines such as British Airways, Air Arabia, Nepal Airlines; has had her work published in magazines such as Jet Wings, Lonely Planet; and partnered with brands including Club Mahindra, Make My Trip, Tata Housing, Travel Libro and more. Divyakshi was also the first Indian travel blogger to be interviewed by WordPress.com.

Connect with Divyakshi at Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Kunal Bhatia

Kunal BhatiaKunal is a Mumbai based photographer, architect and writer. He works across the three disciplines and finds inspiration in cities around the world, in the people that he meets and in encounters that are often fleeting. Kunal believes that photography is a medium to not only capture the lives, moments & emotions that surround us but also the means to interpret, dwell & reflect upon these experiences.

Of late, he has ventured into long term travels that have included a month in Australia, two months in Japan and is looking forward to many more. Along with Shuvajit Payne, Kunal’s travel stories from around the world can be found at www.ricketyroads.com

Kunal’s travel and architectural photography and writing works are regularly published in travel, lifestyle and design including JetWings, Architectural Digest, Home Review, Mint Lounge; and his works have been featured by Daily News and Analysis, The Hindu, The Patriot. He has photographed hotel properties across the country; and also partnered with the tourism boards of Flanders in Belgium; Victoria & Queensland in Australia for travel stories. Some of Kunal’s selected works are also available as fine-art prints.

Connect with Kunal at Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Vachan Kudmule

Vachan KudmuleWith the motto “everything can and mst be designed”, Vachan is an entrepreneur who began his journey at the age of 17, by starting his firm KRAZY DEVIL CREATIONZ (KDC) back in 2002. Since then, KDC has grown into a full-fledged web solutions agency offering web design solutions, hosting, domain services etc. He then ventured into eCommerce consulting in 2009 by starting KDC Pay which assists start-ups in building full-fledged websites with Payment Gateway accruing and integration.

Apart from these two firms, Vachan also heads the design and technology teams for White Shadows, a full-service digital marketing agency that provides solutions for SEO, web analytics, social media marketing, content strategy etc. He is most passionate about open source software, coding and self-learning that has led him to pioneer many industry-first concepts in alternative access mediums.

Vachan also represents the India community chapters for WordPress (CMS) & WooCommerce software platforms. He has been an integral part of several WordCamps – the official WordPress Foundation approved conference – and been the co-organiser for WordCamp Mumbai from 2013 to 2018. Apart from speaking at numerous events, Vachan also formally teaches basic & advanced courses on WooCommerce and WordPress Theme & Plugin Development at KDC eduVents.

Connect with Vachan at WordPress.org | Facebook | Twitter

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